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From "Jan Ole Brenna" <>
Subject betwixt 0.7RC2 suppress elements
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:58:44 GMT
I'm using betwixt to transfer my object graph to xml. The objekt graph are
persistent pojo beans managed by hibernate.
My problem is that betwixt traverses the complete objekt graph, triggering
hibernate to load all lazy collections. And I'm ending up with almost
loading the whole database.
I don't wont that, I would like to prevent betwixt from traversing the lazy
parts of my graph.
Hibernate has a method to check if a lazy collection is loaded, in order to
use this method I have to have the value for a given property(element).
PropertySuppressionStrategy.suppressProperty can't be used since values of
properties are not known at that time (of course).
The method for suppressing attributes:
attributeDescriptor, String value) can't be used since it is called for
simple properties only. (And I don't want the output
s(true) gives)
If I had a method for suppressing elements eg:
boolean suppressElement(xxxx, Object value){
and this metod was checked before writing every element this would be simple
to achive.
Jan Ole

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