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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [logging] changes to build.xml
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 10:00:40 GMT
Hi All,

As there has been no feedback on the PathableTestSuite stuff I recently
committed I presume it's all acceptable so I'm pressing on with related

Commit #209252 to build.xml introduces the use of the <junit> and
<batchtest> tasks into this file. In the "old days", you had two choices
to get a set of testcases to run:
* write suite methods in java which aggregate all available tests into
suites, or
* write a separate target for each test case in the build.xml file.

The latter was generally the approach taken in commons-logging, but it's
ugly. And when we add another 25 or so testcases from the
"demonstration" stuff it will get real ugly.

The target "test.pathable" hopefully shows a better way forward. I would
like to merge all of the other test targets into this target over the
next week, just by adding new <include> targets into the <batchtest>. Of
course the target name will need to change to something more generic.

Where the testcase needs a custom classpath, the testcase will be
updated to use the PathableTestSuite stuff to explicitly state the
classpath in the testcase instead of stating it in the build.xml.

If anyone has any questions/objections please speak up soon.



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