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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Incubating the Sandbox
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 05:32:57 GMT

> Thoughts?

Hm... Your proposal does make sense
but I am not quite sure if incubator
is the right way to deal with the
sandbox. Reasons why:

  o Sandbox components are usually
    small. Whether they can exist
    as their own full project is
    questionable. Or do you want
    to incubate it as an explicit
    jakarta commons component?

  o Access to the sandbox should
    be easy without any hurdles
    to give a testbed for try-outs.
    Not sure if the Incubator is
    the right place for such things.

  o Big, donated code chunks do
    need incubation. AFAIK all
    donated code has to go through
    incubation anyway. AFAIU most
    (well, hopefully all) code in
    the sandbox is coming from
    within the ASF incubation
    is not required. Why should we
    move it to the incubator then?

I think what we require is some process.

  o How to handle dormant sandbox projects?
  o What is the definition of dormant?
  o How to handle code donations to jakarta

Not sure whether passing all this
on to the incubator really will make
things that much better ...or easier



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