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From Dion Gillard <>
Subject Re: [jelly] proposal: taglib/core releases
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:44:25 GMT
On 6/9/05, Brett Porter <> wrote:
> Sorry.....
> I saw square brackets, "release" and +1's from the jelly developers and
> saw that as a green light. My mistake.

Even though the thread had [proposal], I still took it as a vote for an RC2.

So apologies there from me too.

> I was going to come back and follow the doc to do the distributions and
> so on, as I had run out of time last night, but I'll hold off here for now.
> Options:
> - pull these all back down again, start again with an RC3 vote?
> - put up a retrospective [vote] thread and once ok, finish the RC2
> release from the tag.
> - use the published JAR (it is in java-repository, so is under dist but
> not on the downloads page or up as a tarball) as an RC in the
> traditional sense according to the commons doc and put forward a vote
> for 1.0.
> I'm in favour of the last one as it is closer to the commons doc, and I
> never liked the practice of naming something a release candidate when it
> isn't really ready for a final release anyway.
> That will depend on whether the other Jelly people think it is ready -
> I'm only able to look at it from Maven's perspective. Along those lines,
> if anyone else is interested in preparing the releases, please say so. I
> can chip in the time to get it done or help if needed, I was just
> stepping up here because everyone else seemed busy.

I'm good on the last option too, FWIW.

Thanks for jumping in Brett.
"You are going to let the fear of poverty govern your life and your
reward will be that you will eat, but you will not live." - George
Bernard Shaw

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