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From jopaki <>
Subject Possible bug? [validator]
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 16:00:32 GMT
Hi all,

I downloaded commons-validator v1.1.4 and I think I ran into a bug in
the method:

    ValidatorResults validate(Map params, Map actions)
        throws ValidatorException 

specifically the block:

        for (int fieldNumber = 0; fieldNumber <
numberOfFieldsToValidate; fieldNumber++) {
            ValidatorResults results = new ValidatorResults();
            // this is the "fix the bug" location

            Iterator dependencies = this.dependencyList.iterator();
            while (dependencies.hasNext()) {
                String depend = (String);

                ValidatorAction action = (ValidatorAction) actions.get(depend);
                if (action == null) {

          	//ValidatorResults results = new ValidatorResults();
                // this is the "original" location that is "buggy"

                boolean good =
                    validateForRule(action, results, actions, params,


                if (!good) {
                    return allResults;

I moved the line that instantiates the local var: 'results'
(ValidatorResults ) OUTSIDE of the while loop so the validations
performed based on the dependencies (resolved to actions) are not lost
between passes of the while loop.

Please advise.


Jon Kirton

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