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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [digester] Release Candidate 1.7 RC2 ready for review
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 19:50:20 GMT
On 6/3/05, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Release Candidate #2 of commons-digester-1.7 is now available at:
> It would be greatly appreciated if interested parties would
>  * download and test the jar file with their applications

Do not use digester directly, so could not do this.  

>  * download and unpack the src and bin distributions, and
>    verify that the contents are all as expected

Looks good.  Checked maven and ant builds and both ran fine.  I used
the jar versions from the maven dependency list (pulled from my local
maven repo) to test the ant build.  It might be good to doc the
required versions in or in a README for ant
users.   The xml-apis dependency in project.xml does not appear in the
ant build and maven test works without it, so this may be extraneous?

>  * browse the updated website (in the site subdirectory) and
>    look for any errors.

Assm link to "Javadoc API docs" will end up pointing to current
release javadoc.  Also need to remove or change the date (June 1) for
1.7 release. A couple of contributors have non-obfuscated emal
addresses in project.xml that will go on the site.  Are we sure they
are OK with that?

> When checking the proposed new website, please be careful of absolute
> URLs; there are a few of them in the site and there's no point
> proofreading the *existing* site :).
> Please also note that a few of the links on the proposed site point off
> to absolute URLs which don't yet have the appropriate content installed
> in them. The fact that they are absolute URLs should make these obvious.
> The changes from RC1 to RC2 are trivial; see file "rc2.txt" in the
> directory linked to above for details.

One little nit.  What exactly is license-header.txt for?  It specifies
a start date of 2001.  This should probably not be used for new files.


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