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From Bindul Bhowmik <>
Subject [site][email] Broken link on Jakarta site.
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 15:07:37 GMT
Hello folks,

I was looking to get a nightly build of commons-email (since the
release dosen't seem to be happening), and hit upon two broken links:

First, the Jakarta download page
( links to ( as a
location to get development jars for all products. But, I am getting a
connection timed out for this site. On checking the ASF Public Network
Status (, I came to know that
brutus will be out of action until next month.

Second, the Commons Email page
( still points to
the CVS repositories. I can see commons-proper (including email) on
I am a bit confused here, is development happening on SVN or CVS? My
guess is SVN, in that case, can someone update the site to point to
the correct repository.

Now, to my original problem: since brutus is out of action, where do I
get nightly builds for commons-email (if it is getting built at all)?

I can see a couple of threads enquiring about email release. The last
commit to SVN for email seems to have happened couple of months ago.
Is anyone releasing email?


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