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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: maven.compile.source
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 05:24:31 GMT
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Firstly, I still believe if you've got sufficient testing, this isn't 
really necessary, and this discussion is getting a little carried away. 
There are very limited cases where this is a problem in the current JDKs 
(theoretically there could be more, but it seems so far that 
StringBuffer one is the primary one).

Using compile.executable is going to be sufficient in Maven. Ant can't 
offer you any more here, except that you can actually run it under the 
lower JDK. That's not necessary to guarantee the classes work under 
them. The other issue is what is generated in the manifest under 
Build-jdk. Well, that's not even documented in 
It appears to be something Ant and Maven both set, but the JAR tools 
doesn't. It should *not* be used as an indication of what JDK it was 
designed to run on. So I don't see this as a problem.

Let's not forget the downsides of using JDK 1.3 to compile the sources. 
That's now an EOL'd JDK. Someone has already mentioned (I have no idea 
if it is true), that a newer javac could have less bugs and generate 
better bytecode even when targetting an older JVM. Not to mention the 
massive inconvenience it is to maintain a separate JDK, and to swtich to 
it for certain builds and not others.

Wouldn't it be nice if javac could utilise all those @since tags in 
rt.jar to do this for you? :)

IMO, I think compile.source|target is good enough, as long as you have 
enough coverage and someone is testing on the JDKs you intend to target.

- - Brett

Phil Steitz wrote:

|Ecch is right.  Do you think that setting the maven.compile.executable
|property is good enough or do you think we need to have ant build the

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