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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: maven.compile.source was: [vote] Release Commons Jelly 1.0 based on RC3
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 01:29:23 GMT

Right - I should have pointed that out about forking. Really, the plugin 
should automatically fork if executable is set...

For the manifest, this just indicates that the executing JVM was used to 
build the JAR and manifest.  It doesn't seem that useful to fork this 
with an old JDK - you could write those manifest entries yourself based 
on the JDK you selected.

In Maven 2, I'd hope that you would be able to select an entire external 
tool chain and apply it consistently so this doesn't happen.


Phil Steitz wrote:

>>You can use Maven to compile on a different JDK than that running the
>>app, using the maven.compile.executable property:
>Thanks, Brett!  That seems to work, with the full path to the jdk
>javac executable as the value,  but I seem to need to also specify
>to get it to take effect and pick up the 1.3 compile failure that I
>just discovered in [math] :-(
>When I remove the problem and do "maven jar" however, with this setup,
>I end up with Build-Jdk in the manifest showing the version of the jdk
>that launched maven.  Any way around this?
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