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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release Commons Jelly 1.0 based on RC3
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 02:58:45 GMT
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Stephen Colebourne wrote:

|> ================================================================
|> [ ] +1, indicating tested/reviewed and in favour of releasing it
|> [ ] +0, indicating in favour of release, but have not reviewed the 
RCs explicitly
|> [ ] -0, in favour of a release, but have a problem with the RCs that 
should be corrected first
|> [ ] -1, not in favour of a release, there is something still to be done.
|> ================================================================
| -1

Are you opposed to a release, or just a release in that form?

| The NOTICE.txt file is not included where it needs to be.


| It is missing at the root of the zip, and it is missing from each 
jelly jat file.

Some of those JAR files were already released that way last year. I 
haven't ever heard of this requirement before, but it is in the zip and 
the main JAR now.

| Some jar files are build with JDK1.5 (according to the manifest). 

But compiled for JDK 1.3, as Simon mentioned.

| A nice to have would be the conversion to windows line endings of some 
files. At least the README and LICENSE at the top level would be nice.


| Another nice to have would be the xdocs in the src download. This 
allows users to build the website locally.


| I was also surprised to find the whole website in the bin zip. I would 
have expected just the javadoc. However, this is more of a project issue.

Jelly is more than just a library, it is also an application. While the 
whole website shouldn't be necessary, I'm not going to go splitting it 
up at this point into site and documentation. I believe it is 
appropriate to include documentation beyond javadoc, however.

Preparing another RC now...

- - Brett

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