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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release Commons Jelly 1.0 based on RC3
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 09:25:28 GMT
> ================================================================
> [ ] +1, indicating tested/reviewed and in favour of releasing it
> [ ] +0, indicating in favour of release, but have not reviewed the RCs 
> explicitly
> [ ] -0, in favour of a release, but have a problem with the RCs that 
> should be corrected first
> [ ] -1, not in favour of a release, there is something still to be done.
> ================================================================


The NOTICE.txt file is not included where it needs to be.
It is missing at the root of the zip, and it is missing from each jelly 
jat file.

Some jar files are build with JDK1.5 (according to the manifest). 

A nice to have would be the conversion to windows line endings of some 
files. At least the README and LICENSE at the top level would be nice.

Another nice to have would be the xdocs in the src download. This allows 
users to build the website locally.

I was also surprised to find the whole website in the bin zip. I would 
have expected just the javadoc. However, this is more of a project issue.


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