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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [jelly] proposal: taglib/core releases
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:09:03 GMT

I saw square brackets, "release" and +1's from the jelly developers and 
saw that as a green light. My mistake.

I was going to come back and follow the doc to do the distributions and 
so on, as I had run out of time last night, but I'll hold off here for now.

- pull these all back down again, start again with an RC3 vote?
- put up a retrospective [vote] thread and once ok, finish the RC2 
release from the tag.
- use the published JAR (it is in java-repository, so is under dist but 
not on the downloads page or up as a tarball) as an RC in the 
traditional sense according to the commons doc and put forward a vote 
for 1.0.

I'm in favour of the last one as it is closer to the commons doc, and I 
never liked the practice of naming something a release candidate when it 
isn't really ready for a final release anyway.
That will depend on whether the other Jelly people think it is ready - 
I'm only able to look at it from Maven's perspective. Along those lines, 
if anyone else is interested in preparing the releases, please say so. I 
can chip in the time to get it done or help if needed, I was just 
stepping up here because everyone else seemed busy.


Simon Kitching wrote:

>Umm.. Brent, did you follow the official procedure for creating this
>I don't remember seeing any VOTE thread on this, and it is definitely
>*not* permitted to perform a release without an official VOTE thread
>having been passed. There's a whole lot of other stuff that is certainly
>*traditional* to do before a release if not absolutely required by the
>Jakarta charter.
>On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 19:10 +1000, Brett Porter wrote:

> Done, and sites published. Will wait a few hours for it all to propagate
> - so will send a single announcement out tomorrow morning. If anyone
> else would like to in the mean time, feel free.
> - Brett

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