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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject [all] how to deal with dependency versions
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 06:19:23 GMT

I would like to know how to deal with versions of dependend libraries.

Naturally VFS do have a bunch of dependencies, some of them are actively 

As far as I know a non-backward compatible change in the public api 
requires a n.0 release where

x.0 = current release
x+1.0 = deprecated methods
n.0 = deprecated methods removed

That way one might have enough time to prepare for the change.

Now a concrete exmple for dependency versions:
Ant 1.5 is a dependency for VFS if one would like to use its ant tasks.
Now there is a problem with Ant 1.6 when using sub-tasks. (BTW: I found 
a solution which still requires only 1.5, but its a little bit hacky)

Now how could the upgrade look like?
Release VFS 1.0 with the current set of versions and upgrade to Ant 1.6 
for VFS 1.1?
But then VFS uses a new ant Interface introduced in Ant 1.6.(2?) and 
fails if the user do not upgrade ant too.
So even the public VFS api didnt change VFS 1.1 is not compatible to VFS 
1.0 due to the depency upgrade.

The release cycle above do not fit here - we might see VFS 10.0 very 
soon with no value for anyone.


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