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From Matt Hall <>
Subject RE: Commons-Collections enhanced with Java Generics Support
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 20:17:50 GMT
Hi everyone, I'm the other half of the team that did the generifying (if 
that's even a word) of collections. Sorry I've been silent so far during 
the discussion of what to do with the new collections, I was out of town 
and just got caught up with the debate.

So after reading the discussion and seeing it stall out a bit, I propose 
that we start by creating a new project in apache which will contain the 
current source code from our repository. To this new 
project we can all then add things like new MultiMap and 
ChainedTransformer interfaces and implementations that will break 
compatibility with existing Collections releases. We can then also 
accept new generics specific test cases to add to the already existing 
set. The specifics of how all this would work, i.e. if John and I would 
become apache committers or not, I'm not sure what the best route here 
is. If this is to become a semi-autonomous project then I think having 
us as the main committers probably does make the most sense.

Throughout the process I think it's important to maintain a beta or 
alpha release of the project so early adopters can start using it and 
contributing feedback. There is no advantage in my mind to holding off 
on releases until we have the last few controversial classes converted, 
better to get feedback from the entire community on the bulk of the work 
up front.

I think with our working implementation of the majority of classes, 
along with the collection15 team's input and contributions on the 
remainders we should be in great shape overall.


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