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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] distribution format
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 07:59:38 GMT

It's somewhat unpractical to distribute a binary that's without 
taglibs, I believe.
As we wish to release xml and ant taglibs at the same time, why not 
include both in the binary as well ? This is certainly partial but 
would be more practical I believe.
Maven users don't download jelly, they download maven and invoke maven 
which, itself, downloads some taglibs.

Including the taglibs: bean, define, dynabean, interaction, junit, 
swing, util, and fmt would barely extend the dependency set. If they're 
released, I'd wish we package them as well.

The target pack-fat-jar in the maven.xml of the core does pack an 
amount more but that makes the whole jar pretty big: ant, bean, 
beanshell, betwixt, define, dynabean, fmt, html, http, interaction, 
junit, jsl, log, swing, threads, util, validate, velocity, xml, 

All this is for the binary distribution only to get someone jump 
started without the hassle of downloading many packages...


PS: my first checks on the current tree are satisfactory. The only 
thing one cannot do with the source outside of jakarta-commons tree is 
build the docs which is known and probably acceptable.

Le 9 juin 05, à 04:09, Brett Porter a écrit :
> I don't believe any tag libraries (other than core) should be included 
> in the distro. They can be downloaded using Maven for those using 
> Jelly in that way, and anyone adding an additional library manually 
> will need to do the research to get its additional dependencies as we 
> can't distribute a lot of these.
> I'll prepare it based on feedback in about 24 hours, and put forward a 
> vote.
> Cheers,
> Brett
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