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From Ricardo <>
Subject Re: jxpath ?
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:01:53 GMT
Hi Dimitri,

Glad to see you're "alive"...

> Do you believe such integration would be useful?

If there is a need for "abusing" XPath as a 
fast, in-memory OQL - yes, since we have a standard
interface now instead of JXPathContext.

> The JAXP 1.3 spec allows for non-DOM object models
> to be supported, so I 
> don't see a technical reason why we could not
> integrate JXPath with it.

So, obviously OQL-ing is encouraged.

> Do you see JXPath adding a compatibility module to
> map JAXP 1.3 APIs to JXPath APIs?

Compatibility is a nice touch, always. I don't know
about user base - maybe everybody uses jaxen and
it's a waste of time.
We (academic) have made the decision to use JXPath
a long time ago, that's why my original question
about its state. 

> Or, alternatively, should JXPath itself morph to
> adapt to the JAXP APIs.  If 
> we did that, would we preserve compatibility with
> JXPath 1.2,  or go straight  to JXPath 2?  Or, 
> better, skip a version and go to JXPath 3.0 to avoid

> confusion with XPath 2?

Wow XPath 2? Do I smell XQuery ?  ;)
Personally, I'd throw out a (jaxp) compatibility 
module and call it 1.3. XPath 2 would be called
JXPath 2, not necesseraly compatible with JXPath 
1.2/1.3 internally - even if "customization", 
OQL wise, would require a lot of work. 

Jakarta releases are coming slowly as of late, there's

a good chance to stay in the "top 10" for a while ;)

Overall, JXPath is/was one of the "better" modules
within commons...keep it up if you can. If it doesn't
"pay off", please tell.

Best regards,

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