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From Brian Stansberry <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 34661] - [logging][PATCH] Improvements to LogFactoryImpl
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 06:12:40 GMT

> ------- Additional Comments From
>  2005-05-31 07:49 -------
> I still don't understand that bit with the else
> around the log4j discovery.
> If someone has specified an explicit logclass, ie
>   if (specifiedLogClassName != null)
> is true then surely:
>  * we create an instance of the specified class and
> return it, or
>  * we fail with an exception
> I don't think we should *ever* fall back to
> discovery mode if
> specifiedLogClassName is not null. 

I agree with this philosophy but wanted to point out
that if a user both:

1) configures a Log class using a property, and
2) uses a property to configure JLC NOT to fail on an

throwing an exception will contravene #2.

I don't have a problem with this, it just means the
explanation of the usage of the "FailOnException"
configuration property gets a bit more complicated.

BTW, it would be somewhat strange for a user to
configure the "FailOnException" property to false,
since that is its default value anyway.

I'm raising this point now because in the next day or
two I'll create the next patch, the one that adds the
configuration ability.  If anyone has any opinions on
this point (Robert??) please let me know.


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