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From Michael Rasmussen <>
Subject Re: [Chain] adding EL support
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:34:48 GMT
> Yes, I think the idea would be that commands like LookupCommand
> aren't really central; alternatively, there could be EL-enabled
> alternatives outside the core, if it seemed to make sense to put some
> very basic ones in the core.
> Also, note that JEXL is a very small and very stable library, and I
> have no objection myself to adding a dependency directly to it.

So since Joe is on vacation I am not expecting that he will answer
this any time soon, but if anyone else has an opinion.

I was thinking of writing this in a way that abstracts the actual
expression language and makes it pluggable or gives you the option to
turn it on/off (off by default?)

Then create a helper that has no dependencies on any new libraries
that will just return the string that was passed to it if evaluation
is turned off.  If evaluation is turned on it will evaluate the
expression using your choice of expression language provided it is on
your classpath and you have written an implementation of the

I think it makes sense to provide the JSTL-EL as the default (Sorry
JEXL) since it is the "JS".  But I think it is still valuable to
provide an extension point for others.  Then adding JEXL is trivial.

Commands can choose to use the helper or not as it makes sense to do
so.  I'll whip up some code this weekend and work out the details. 
Hopefully I'll have a patch to present soon.  Of course good fishing
weather has been known to ruin even my best laid plans.  ;-)



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