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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [doc] release procedure
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 01:18:33 GMT
Hi All,

Having now done a release, I have a couple of suggestions/questions
about the release procedure.


The dist directories currently have symbolic links named "..current.."
that point to the actual files in the binary and source subdirs. 

Is there actually any justification for keeping these? If someone were
to download via these links, then the saved file doesn't have the
version# in it, which doesn't seem to something we should encourage. And
it is a nuisance to create the symlinks. It seems easier to me to just
do away with them.


My understanding of the "archive" procedure is as follows. I would like
to add this info into the release procedure documentation so if I have
misunderstood anything, please correct me.

The contents of directory
gets replicated to all the apache mirrors. Note that if a file is
deleted from this directory tree then it will be deleted from the

The contents is also automatically copied to which then gets rsync'd
to Note, however, that if a file is deleted
from /www/ then it is *not* deleted
from /www/, and therefore remains available at

Having very old files under wastes mirror diskspace,
so it is good practice to delete files that are unlikely to be in
significant demand. In general, when doing a release, the files
associated with a release older than 2 years should be deleted at the
same time. These files will still remain available via

There is no need to manually update anything in /www/;
this automatically updates from the main distribution directory, and
files should never be deleted from it.




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