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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [math] FW: [interest in] SummerOfCode2005 "commons-math" project
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 20:33:44 GMT
I did not know of Krysalis Wings...
There's a difference between a graph plotter and a chart plotter: the 
source data. To me a chart-plotter is fed by a bunch of numbers whereas 
a graph-plotter is fed by a bunch of functions. From Krysalis Wings 

> Note
> "Charts" are what some office suites call "graphs". "Graphs", however, 
> have an entirely different meaning in mathematics. Hence we prefer to 
> use the term "charts".

You could say that "generating the numbers would be sufficient". It's 
A good graph plotter detects the cusps and other irregularities so that 
it does not, for example, join -infty to +infty by a line like any 
chart plotter would do. Caching the result for redraw (e.g. with good 
Java 2D objects) might also be a challenge of a graph-component...

That characteristic is probably a very high requirement and is probably 
the reason why it's mostly only found in more general purpose 

Rostyslav, does your plotter achieve this ?
(was it a graph-plotter or a chart-plotter?).


Le 13 juin 05, à 22:13, J.Pietschmann a écrit :
> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>> I fear it's off-goal but we took some time here to look for a 
>> graph-plotter, either Swing component or picture generator, that 
>> would be open-source, tested on several platforms. Well... we found 
>> none !
> That's interesting. Is the evaluation published somewhere? Or
> could you put it into the Wiki: the packages evaluated, and
> why they didn't fit your requirements?
> I was under the impression JFreeChart is almost as good or better
> than gnuplot, but I never took a really close look at it. There's
> also Krysalis Wings...
> J.Pietschmann
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