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From "Uzhgorod" <>
Subject Re: [math] FW: [interest in] SummerOfCode2005 "commons-math" project
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 05:38:49 GMT

I spent some days exemining existing Math package, MathWishList and
commons-dev Mailing List. Afterall, I want to represent at your disposal the
project I am going to apply in the Summer Of Code 2005.

PROJECT TITLE: Alternative Random Number Generators Implementation For
Jakata Commons Math

Generation of completely unpredictable random numbers is impossible. But
there is a wide range of good-working algorithms which allow to achieve more
or less "randomness". In the "Jakarta-commons Wiki MathWishList" there is a
request for implementing alternative pseudo-random number generators (PRNG)
<>. Considering this
request I chose this project for the "Google SummerOfCode 2005".

During the phase of the project I am going to implement next algorithms:
I. Uniform Deviates PRNG:
1) "Minimal" random number generator of Park and Miller with Bays-Durham
2) Long period random number generator of L'Ecuyer with Bays-Durham shuffle
3) Knuth's subtractive Random Number Generation algorithm
II. Binomial Distribution PRNG.

As for the background for the project I chose the resourse "Numerical
Recipes: The Art Of Scientific Computing" and the book of Knuth's "The Art
of Programming".
I put before myself a goal to write:
 -- efficient
 -- fully documented
All the code will be written according to the "Code Conventions for the Java
Programming Language" and documented with full javadoc included.
In this project my logo is: "To make GOOD rathen that to make MUCH".

I hope the algorithms I will implement will be included to the Jakarta
Commons-Math subpackage Random. To achieve this goal I divide the project
time into two periods:
1. Writing the code - lasting a month, but not more than August,3
2. Updating with the proposals from the Commons-Math Mailing List - lasting
a month, but not more than September,1.

Please, let me know what do you think about my project.


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From: "Al Chou" <>
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Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 2:38 AM
Subject: [math] FW: [interest in] SummerOfCode2005 "commons-math" project

> Rostyslav,
> I'm sure we'd be happy to have you join the project.  I've copied this
> to the Jakarta commons-dev mailing list.
> Al
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Uzhgorod []
> Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 3:16 PM
> To:
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> Subject: SummerOfCode2005 "commons-math" project
> Rostyslav Slipetskyy
> Dobrianskogo St, 10/21,
> Uzhgorod, Ukraine.
> Hi!
> I'm a 3rd year student of Computer Science Dept in "Kyiv-Mogyla
> (Ukraine, Kyiv). I'm interested in the "commons-math" project of
> SummerOfCode2005.
> I am one of three members of a university ACM programming team. ACM
> (Association of Computer Machinery) is a world-famous organization which
> guides World Programming Contests. In September our team will fight for a
> grant to the world semi-finals.
> During numerous contests, I could see the advantages of well-written code
> libraries. Moreover, our team felt huge unsufficience of :
>  -- efficiently implemented
>  -- fully documented
> libraries which cover a wide range of different algorithmic areas.
> That is why we started to implement Graph Library, which was our student
> course paper at our university. The experience we gained, I really hope,
> will help me to do well if I have the opportunity to take part in the
> "commons-math" project.
> We wrote our Graph Library using C/C++, but personally I know Java syntax,
> and some percent of the contest problems during ACM contests we write on
> Java.
> Really a huge amount of ACM contest problems have in general mathematical
> background. That is why I think I obtain some mathematical skills. Frankly
> speaking, I have rather poor knowledge of Statistics :( , but I think I
> manage "to bridge this gap" :)
> I'm really very interested in this project. It will a great chance for me
> try my programming skills in a real challenge.
> Please, give me to know if the "commons-math" project is still available,
> my abilities and knowledge satisfy the needs to do this project, and if it
> is possible for me to apply for this project.
> Thank you!
> ----------
> Rostyslav
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