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From Max Zinal <>
Subject [PATCH] HP-UX 11 port of JSVC (Commons::Daemon)
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 06:34:39 GMT
Hello and have a good time of day!

This patch allows JSVC to compile and run on HP-UX 11
systems. It has been tested on PA_RISC2.0W architecture,
but should also work on PA_RISC2.0. Compilation was
performed with GCC 3.4.3, with JDK 1.4.2 provided by HP.

There is a major problem with that patch. It links
directly to jsvc binary in addition of dlopen()ing it because
of static TLS entry inside These TLS problems are
native and common to HP-UX, and I don't know how to get rid
of it. Maybe using HP's ANSI-compatible C compiler could help.
Please note that this patch is hard-coded to JDK 1.4, which
always resides in /opt/java1.4.

In addition, I had to decrease sleep() parameter in the child()
wait-for-stop cycle. With the default value of 60 seconds there
were significant delays (up to 60 seconds) in the response to
SIGINT, SIGHUP and SIGTERM. With the value of 2 seconds the delay
is always almost zero. I know it's strange, but it works after all.

Hope this patch could be useful to people using HP-UX.

   Max Zinal

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