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From "Dr. Michael N. Lipp" <>
Subject Digester: ObjectCreateRule
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 13:48:57 GMT
[I hope I haven't missed something but I could neither find a mailing
list dedicated to commons-digester nor an issue tracking system for
digester (tried bugzilla, scrab and jira).]

ObjectCreateRule uses the Digester's classloader for loading the class
of the object to be created. This may cause quite some problems in the
J2EE context where Thread.currentThread().contextClassLoader() should be
used for this.

Of course it is easy to derive a Rule that circumvents this.
Nevertheless, I'd consider it nice if Digester had such a rule out of
the box. I'd propose to add new constructors to ObjectCreateRule that
allow to pass a class loader to be used for object creation.



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