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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject [configuration] Near and long time goals
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 17:05:09 GMT

after the 1.1 release has been out for a while it's time to think about 
our next steps.

First there are some bug reports related to the FileConfigurations. I 
think it would be good to fix these issues quickly. I already started to 
work on some of them. Maybe we could think about cutting a maintainance 
release (1.1.1) after that, but I am not sure whether these bugs are 
critical enough.

Then there are some points I am personally interested in and would like 
to know the opinions of others about (in random order):

- Rewriting ConfigurationFactory to use XMLConfiguration for loading 
instead of digester. This could be accompanied with some refactoring of 
ConfigurationFactory and CompositeConfiguration and implementation of 
additional features (e.g. to realize pluggable configuration sources).

- Introducing Locators for file based configurations instead of base 
path/file name stuff. IMO this is the only way of making loading and 
saving consistent and flexible.

- Adding XPath support, at first for hierarchical configurations and 
maybe later for all. This feature is requested again and again and would 
indeed be very useful.

- Improve the interpolation facilities to support other data types than 

What do you think?


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