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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [discovery] 0.3 release
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 15:54:08 GMT
On 5/25/05, Rory Winston <> wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Actually, I'm not a Discovery developer at all, I added my name to the project.xml file
(as Robert and Davinum did) so we could push out a release. I have created a distribution
release, however, I cannot push this to the site as I have no FTP/SSH access at the moment.
If anyone wants to get a hold of the release version in a hurry, you can get them from here:
> These are the final versions, but they cannot be pushed to the Apache dist directory
at the moment. If this needs to be done anytime soon (i.e. in the next few days), someone
else will need to do it. I didnt anticipate being stuck without either FTP or SSH access.
> Rory

Not having SSH access seems a bit of a problem as a release manager.
Updating the site, uploading the distributions all seem quite
important components :)

The links on that page don't work, also you should probably be making
them release-candidiates rather than the real thing, if someone finds
a problem with the release, you may end up with an incorrect version
of 0.3 flying out there.

Take a look at the Lang release. I made a couple of RCs, and now
Steven has made a bunch. Each time they were uploaded to (hard without SSH) and the community asked to check
them to see how they looked. Once they're considered good, lang will
do a release.

I'd suggest:

a) Remove the links from the researchkitchen page for the moment.
b) Hold for a few days until you get SSH back.
c) Release them to your as an rc1 version
(actually change the version in project.xml before building).
d) Ask for opinions on the commons-dev list on the quality of the rc1.

Also, I don't see a [RESULT] email for the original vote to release
Discovery, someone should tally the votes up and send that to
commons-dev (and Cc to pmc@jakarta).


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