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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [lang] VOTE 2.1 release (new vote based on RC5)
Date Sat, 07 May 2005 02:46:14 GMT
Still seeing a Removed method in JDiff.

ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString(Object, ToStringStyle, boolean, Class).

Not noticed by Clirr though.

Clirr didn't notice the MILLI and enum deprecations, but it did notice
ReflectionToStringBuilder deprecations that we don't list in the
release notes.

Manifest inside the jar looks good.

Both src zip and src tar.gz build, ant and maven.

I got the following when untarring, but it's probably not important. I
find tar occasionally spits out bits of info that never seem to hurt
the untarring.

> tar -zxf commons-lang-2.1-RC5-src.tar.gz
tar: A lone zero block at 6020

The only problem I have with release is whether JDiff is right about
an API removal, or if it's confused and Clirr is right.


On 5/4/05, Steven Caswell <> wrote:
> RC5 is available at
> The significant change is the exclusion of the o.c.l.text package and
> associated javadocs, clover results, jdiff, clirr. I also found and
> corrected the maven xdoc problem that caused the extra space between anchors
> and punctuation.
> Hopefully we are ready to go with this one, so here is the vote:
> [ ] +1
> [ ] -1
> --
> Steven Caswell
> Take back the web -

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