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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject moving code from sandbox to proper - best practice?
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 07:25:17 GMT

The "moving from sandbox to proper" wiki page needs updating, as it is
all CVS based.

The main question that needs resolving is:
 * should the code be MOVED from sandbox to proper, or COPIED?

Moving the code means that links to the old location break. But copying
the code means that links to the old stuff don't give any indication
that the main development is now happening elsewhere.
What do people think the best practice is for sandbox->proper promotion?

I think my preference would be
 * move the existing code to {proj}/tags/sandbox
 * copy to {proj}/trunk
 * create a new sandbox/{proj} directory, containing just a README
   that points to the new project.

That way, all the sandbox code vanishes from its old location, avoiding
any confusion. But users of the sandbox stuff at least get a hint where
the new stuff is.

The main disadvantage is clutter left in the sandbox directory.




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