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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Meta-issue: multiple mailig lists
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 07:33:39 GMT
On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 08:38 +0200, Mattias J wrote:
> Would it be possible to set up the svn commit mails to include this in *the 
> beginning* of the subject line? As I said, all my e-mail client shows is 
> (for example) "svn commit: r169326 -".

This is a nice idea if it can be done. If you can figure out how to
configure subversion to do this, and write a simple set of instructions
that someone with infrastructure access can follow to set this up, I'll
vote in favour of doing this. I'll even request the appropriate access
in order to install it myself (if infrastructure will grant it).

Note that there is AFAIK only one subversion repository for the whole of
the ASF, so the solution must somehow avoid messing with stuff not
related to jakarta-commons. However as only commits to commons are
mailed to commons-dev, I presume there's some sort of filtering on this
order occurring already.

> Simon Kitching wrote:
> >Getting messages that aren't associated with a particular project could be 
> >done by simply filtering *out* the projects you aren't interested in 
> >rather than filtering *in* the ones you are.
> Yes, that is probably the best idea. "if subject contains 
> '[uninteresting-project]' or '/proper/uninteresting-project/' move to Trash".
> Still does not help on the unclassified issue mails though.

If all the mails associated with "uninteresting" projects are filtered
out, then you end up with interesting projects + non-project-related

I agree that the volume of commons-dev can be daunting, and discouraging
to people who are interested in only a few projects. However the obvious
cure (separate lists per project) is worse than the disease; this is not
just my opinion but also those who set up this system in the first

>>From inspecting
it appears that around 1600 mails per month go to this list, 
which is about 50 per day. Not unmanageable (particularly as they can
easily be filtered into a "commons-dev" folder by basic filtering), but
certainly a nuisance.

If anyone can come up with a *concrete* proposal to solve this issue, ie
(a) allow *most* commons developers to receive all emails
(b) allow newbies to receive only mails for one project
then please put forward your ideas. Note, however, that they must be
*tested* and *workable* ideas, not just general hand-waviness or they
are unlikely to get much attention. It's the old OSS philosophy: if you
have an itch, then *you* scratch it :-)

The problem is not so significant on commons-user; the volume of
messages there is really quite low so I see no great need to have
per-project user lists. Volume is pretty steady at around 400 per month;
that's around a dozen a day. And digests are available I think...



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