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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Meta-issue: multiple mailig lists
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 22:23:46 GMT
Hi Elliotte,

On Tue, 2005-05-10 at 06:17 -0400, Elliotte Harold wrote:
> Is there any chance or interest in splitting this mailing list up into 
> multiple mailing lists, one per subproject? I (and I suspect many other 
> subscribers) am interested in a couple of the subprojects, but most of 
> the traffic is fairly irrelevant to me.

Well, the current setup is very deliberate. Commons is meant to be a
single community, with many shared conventions and tools. 

Often I have struck a problem, and been given advice from committers on
quite different projects. 

And quite often a commons project has only 1 or 2 regular committers. If
it were on its own list, then there's no oversight of that project by
the general commons community. A project could die and rot without
anyone noticing.

Every email is supposed to contain the name of the subproject in
square-brackets, eg
  [foo] why did the chicken cross the road?
so that filtering is reasonably easy to do.

Getting messages that aren't associated with a particular project could
be done by simply filtering *out* the projects you aren't interested in
rather than filtering *in* the ones you are. Ok, there are about 50
projects so that's a moderately long filter, but only a couple of
projects are added per year so keeping such a filter up-to-date isn't
that hard.

Yes, the filtering approach is a nuisance for people on low-bandwidth,
as the entire set of mails gets downloaded then most discarded - at
least with my email client. Presumably as the filter criteria is on the
subject, and email headers can be downloaded without bodies, it's
possible to filter mail without downloading it. I don't know how one
would set that up, though.

Note that many "generic" emails go to rather

So in summary, I'm definitely against *replacing* the existing commons
shared list with separate lists. Perhaps some "gateway" could be set up
where the filtering rules split stuff up into multiple lists, so people
could subscribe to separate lists if they really want to. Posts to those
lists would be forwarded to the commons-dev list, with the subject line
auto-updated to include the project name. Sounds doable, but a fair bit
of work to set up. Apache's infrastructure team are already overloaded,
so I don't see them being willing/available to tackle this anytime soon
though. Of course this setup doesn't have to be hosted at apache!



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