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From "Jamie Guillemette" <>
Subject [Configuration] Question re-developer access
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 19:52:15 GMT
Hey guys bare with me a bit here....
I've been a java programmer for many years... and have always said I will 
eventually get involved in an open source project..

I opened up the configuration source.. and I'm finding many little tweaks 
that might be needed. What I'm wondering is whats the best way to go about 

I could just make all the changes and list them in a single email... or 
should i be sending an individual one for each..?

examples of what im finding....
1) when loading a file we convert the filename to its URL..
but when saving the file.. we dont use the url obtained when opening.. 
intsead we try to guess the location.. may be the cause of some of the 
save() issue.. (see previous email)

2) coding standards:
found this in one class...

public void load(String fileName) throws ConfigurationException
(and in the body of this method is...)

catch (ConfigurationException e)
            throw e;

which is totatlly redundant and should be removed....

So.. back to my original question.. whats the best way for me to go about 
doing some project clean up?


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