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From Ted Husted <>
Subject [chain] C# port available
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 11:26:37 GMT
I've been working in C# for almost a year now, and finally had to bite
the bullet and develop a controller framework based on Struts and CoR.
To get started, I had to port CoR to C#, so I could build a controller
package on top of  CoR, so I could bring back to my life the
much-beloved Struts feature set. :)

I needed two names for the packages, one for the CoR port and another
for the controller framework. After much deliberation, I finally
settled on

* Agility, a C# port of Commons Chain of Responsibility.
* Nexus, an application controller built over Agility.

Of course, this choice might cause some temporary confusion, since I
started (yet another) whiteboard in CoR that also proposed a
controller package. If the new whiteboard pans out, my intention would
be to port Nexus to Java, add it to CoR (if we want), and remove the
original Agility whiteboard (or name it something else).

Of course, at some point, we might want to combine CoR and Agility
into a single product line, as is done with Apache Logging and Apache

Sorry to be such a putz about the product names, but the time to sort
such things out is when codebases are still whiteboards. ;)

Since the focus of the new whiteboard is writing applications, for
now, I started it under Struts


Since I'm tossing around  links to the Struts wiki, this page might
also be of interest:


And, finally, I've posted my library of slide presentations to
SourceForge, including one on the Struts MailReader for Commons Chain.


- Ted.

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