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From Mattias J <>
Subject Re: [i18n] Entry qualifier
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 07:47:50 GMT
At 2005-04-20 09:23, you wrote:
> > Seems like i18n is reinventing the wheel over and over.  I see we are 
> using
> > of Sax, when Digester is the most viable choice, given the typical clients
> > of this framework.  I see where ResourceBundle is used, yet a much more
> > robust solution is already provided through Commons Resources.  Any chance
> > we can change this to use the above frameworks?
>My primary goal was to keep this component simple. It has no dependencies 
>to other jars and that is a big plug for the daily use.

Even though I am quite fond of Digester, I also see the benefits of zero 
runtime dependencies. I suggest sticking with pure SAX.

>I know that we have some overlapping with Commons Resources, but the I18n 
>is dealing with bundles of messages and introduces LocalizedExceptions 
>using these bundles.

The way i18n bundles several "submessages" under a common key is what makes 
it so great. I hope to be able to add a DatabaseMessageProvider, which gets 
different messages (title, details etc) from different columns in the 
database table. Hopefully the benefits will be even more clear then.

B.t.w James: Thought I'd run your new Maven config to see the coverage of 
the tests I've added. Though I have not checked out 
../commons-build/sandbox-project.xml and currently I cannot access the SVN 

   Mattias Jiderhamn 

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