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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: SVN From Eclipse is too slow
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 04:40:38 GMT
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I actually went and tried it on Jelly... it seems a big jump up
revisions takes a fair hit:

$ time -p svn up
At revision 164170.
real 328.53
user 1.01
sys 3.42

$ time -p svn up
At revision 164171.
real 21.48
user 0.73
sys 2.82

$ time -p svn up
At revision 164171.
real 4.44
user 0.64
sys 1.25

I suspect that a later switch to FSFS instead of BDB will assist with
this based on what I saw in the explanations in the back of the SVN
book, which I understand is intended after the minotaur OS upgrade.

Do you experience the problem continuously, or only after a long break?

- - Brett

Brett Porter wrote:

> I have no problem from the command line so I can only assume it is the
> eclipse tool, or your setup. What do other Subclipse users say, outside
> of commons?
> Having switched from CVS to SVN on a single repository just this week, I
> can certainly say that SVN is comparable if not faster (I feel its
> faster, but not enough to say definitively slow). Throw in how often I
> do "status" instead of "update", SVN is a bucket load faster. In
> particular if you are working on a tree with a lot of pruned directories.
> The SVN support in the IDEA EAP is quite good - tried it out earlier in
> the week. They say they've fixed all my formatting bugs so I'm hopeful I
> can actually use the next one :)
> - Brett
> Dion Gillard wrote:
> >Is it just me or is SVN itself mind bogglingly slow?
> >I am doing an Update on commons/jelly from inside eclipse 3.1M4 and it
> >takes a lot longer than CVS ever did.

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