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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: [net] FTP client date parsing: new format
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:37:45 GMT

AFAIK, the new system uses both: regexp for extracting the timestamp 
from the entry line and then using DateFormat to parse that.
-rw-r--r--    1 1000     1000           27 Jan 24 11:31 messages.vsp
from this line the regexp extracts the timestamp part ("Jan 24 11:31") 
and then DateFormat is used to parse this to a valid Date object.
The issue here is that the failure is already at regexp matching, and 
the code never reaches the DateFormat parsing part.

I'll try to check out Rory's changes during the weekend.


Steve Cohen wrote:

> No, that's not it at all.  Remember that the new system does not use 
> Regexes for date parsing, it uses SimpleDateFormats.  From Mr. Praks' 
> descriptions, I am assuming he's now running the 1.3 or earlier 
> versions, which do use regexes.
> This surprises me because I've had several conversations with him over 
> the past month in which the new system was discussed.  Perhaps he 
> forgot to specify the date format as "yyyy/MM/dd" in his 
> FTPClientConfig this time?  Or perhaps his code is finding an older 
> commons-net.jar than he was expecting?
> Steve Cohen
> Rory Winston wrote:
>> Right, the problem with this format is that the date is not composed 
>> of three discrete components (from a regex POV), but two. Basically 
>> what we will need to do is expand the regex to handle thuis - can you 
>> give me details of the FTP server operating system and FTP server 
>> software version if you have it please.
>> Cheers
>> Rory

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