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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] dependencies in 1.1 release
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 07:28:08 GMT
Hi Brett,

Brett Porter wrote:

> There are a few suspect dependencies in the POM from the 1.1 release:
> - - resources:resources:1.0 doesn't exist - how does Maven build with this?

This is a fake dependency for the unit tests loading a configuration 
from a JAR in the classpath. The file resources.jar is packaged with the 
distribution and we use the maven.jar.override property to redirect 
Maven on it.

> - - as of commons-logging 1.0.4, I believe you should be dependening on
> commons-logging-api?

That's right, I'll change this.

> - - dependency on dbunit, which is LGPL (Eric Pugh is a committer on
> both - perhaps he could propose a change to ASL/BSD?)

... or add the necessary clarification to make it safe for us.

> - - badly specified mockobjects IDs (I thought the old format used +
> instead of :, but regardless - you should split it to group/artifactId


> - - dependency on findbugs, which is LGPL. (The plugin being used is
> ASL, but findbugs is LGPL)

Findbugs is a tool processing the code, it doesn't make the code a 
derivative of findbugs. While the plugin may be affected by the LGPL, 
the code of commons configuration does not.

Thanks for the feedback Brett.

Emmanuel Bourg

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