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From Chris Lambrou <>
Subject [collections] Re: Port commons-collections to jdk1.5
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 06:57:51 GMT

I thought I'd replied to the commons dev list, but Laurent's original 
e-mail had an explicit reply-to address set, so it went straight back to 
him instead. I'm posting this back to the commons-dev list for the sake 
of completeness.


Hi Laurent,

After an initial flurry of activity on the port, my personal 
circumstances have changed somewhat, and I'm finding it difficult to 
spend much time on it. Hopefully this is a temporary setback, though it 
seems like forever since I've been able to do any serious development 
work, alas. Rest assured that the port hasn't died. Indeed, a couple of 
other developers have also joined in the effort, and any further 
assistance is most welcome.

Currently, collections15 is hosted on SourceForge, and so lies outside 
of the direct control of Apache. The aim is to substantially complete 
the port at SF before trying to persuade a current Jakarta commons 
committer to oversee its migration into the sandbox once it reached 
alpha or beta status. I haven't looked at the state of the source 
currently in CVS, as I've been on holiday in Las Vegas for the last few 
weeks and have only just returned. It may be suffering a few minor 
teething problems, so may indeed require a few minor tweaks to persuade 
it to compile. I'll rectify this shortly, probably over the weekend, as 
I've a lot of day job work to catch up on at the moment.

The anonymous CVS access provided by SF is read-only. If you want to 
start committing, you need to register as a developer with SF, work your 
way through the whole secure CVS access instructions provided on the SF 
site, and then get me to add you to the project's developer list. Unless 
you're already a Jakarta commons committer, I hope you won't be offended 
if we don't immediately add you to the project's developer list. For 
now, I think that the best way to contribute would be to start providing 
implementations of some of the interfaces that haven't yet been worked 
on by any of the other collections15 developers. If you e-mail your work 
to one of us, we can quickly review it and add it to CVS for you before 
deciding to add you to the developer list.

Thank you very much for offering to help.


Laurent Brucher wrote:

>I am sending you this email because I assume you're still working on the
>port of commons-collections to jdk1.5.
>I'm interested in it and am willing to contribute.
>I've grabbed the source from CVS (as of 2005/4/13) and updated them so they
>compile. I was going to continue porting
>more stuff but I'm not sure what the development status is on this project
>and don't feel like doing what's being/been already done ;-)
>I'm not familiar with the process of changes and so forth for the
>apache/commons stuff, but I guess I could probably help somewhere.
>Thanks for letting me know if I can be of any help.
>Laurent Brucher.

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