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From Giorgio Gallo <>
Subject [JELLY] exotic URL protocols
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 18:30:02 GMT

I am trying to write a patch to solve issue JELLY-208

Let me know if you committers prefer to handle this one directly,
because of the fact that URLs contain "/" beeing assumed just about
everywhere in jelly... :)


Thomas Burns (the issue reporter) mentions a "custom url protocol".

It is not needed for the specific issue to manifest (think of
"file:script.jelly") to have a custom protocol, but it could be the case
 that a protocol does not use the "usual" URL pattern
(protocol://user:password@host:port/path...) and that therefore we (ie:
jelly) cannot resolve relative URLs simply by parsing the string
representation of the base URL and assuming it has more meaning that

Besides modifying jelly to ALWAYS use
	new URL(URL, String)
to resolve relative URLs, another fact should/could be addressed: it
could be impossible in some protocols to infer the "parent" URL of a
script from the script's own URL (ie: it's what
JellyContext#getJellyContextURL does)

I see a few options to address this:

1. The "protocol:<opaquePart>" thing above comes from some confused
corner of my head and I have to read RFCs again :)

2. Declare those "exotic" protocols unsupported :)

3. Refactor jelly to use a script's very url (eg:
file:///dir/dir/script.jelly) to resolve relative URLs and remove
auto-detection of "context URLs" altoghether (ie: context-relative URLs
will be resolved against the script URL unless a different context URL
is explicitly specifyed)

4. use null as context url when there are no "/"s and assume the usual
URL pattern if a "/" is present

I would opt for the third possibility (really - can't see any drawback
in it, not at 4:00AM at least).

Please let me know if such a patch would be welcome or, again, if it's
like you committers prefer to handle this on your own.

(please pardon me if my english is not very clear)


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