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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] Jars in the repository
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 18:56:31 GMT
Ortwin Gl├╝ck wrote:
> Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:
>> Odi,
>> I have not looked at the proposed solution, so I may be wrong here, but
>> I think it _should_ simply prepopulate the <HTTPCLIENT_HOME>\lib from an
>> external repository (such as ibiblio). If it is indeed the case I
>> personally see no problem with removing dependencies from SVN. I will
>> not insist, though
>> Oleg
> Yes, that's what it does. Maybe that I am missing something, but I have 
> no idea what should be the benefit of that.
> 1. The libs are in the repo for a *reason*: availability and 
> convenience. If you remove them we loose this availability and 
> convenience. Replacing them with a stupid download script makes thinks 
> worse, not better.
> 2. We don't need an additional Ant target to download deps. It 
> duplicates knowledge from the project.xml. I don't want to maintain 
> knowledge twice. This is error prone. Remember we had out-of-date docs 
> regarding deps recently? Maven can download the deps that are listed in 
> project.xml. Nobody needs Ant when there is Maven. Ant is legacy. You 
> could write a Maven goal to generate the Ant script from the 
> project.xml. But this is stupid as can be, isn't it? As I said, all we 
> need is Maven, not Ant.

The Maven Ant Plugin makes it easy to create an Ant build script from a 
project.xml file. I made a patch for it to solve a problem [1] that 
Craig had, that is somewhat related to this issue. A released version of 
the plugin is not yet available, but a SNAPSHOT version (1.9-SNAPSHOT) 
is available.

The patch makes it possible to have local copies of select jar-files. 
All you need to do is create a file of your own and 
point it to the your local copies of jar-files. If you don't supply a file the jar-files will be downloaded from ibiblio or 
whatever repository you have configured Maven to use.

I am not sure that this will work for httpclient, but it is a way to 
benefit from both Ant and Maven without the need to define dependencies 

Installation instructions for the SNAPSHOT version of the Ant plugin are 
available [2] in the JIRA issue.


Dennis Lundberg

> 3. If anybody of ASF has a problem with the libs being in the repo, we 
> can remove them today. Fine with me. There is no absolute need they are 
> there. (If you though they need to be there because your IDE requires 
> them in the project directory, you are wrong: Just look at Maven's 
> eclipse goal.)
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