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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [lang] VOTE 2.1 release
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 22:26:09 GMT
On 4/17/05, Steven Caswell <> wrote:
> I think I figured out how to get clover to work by making the following
> adjustments:
>  In project.xml, make sure the following properties are set:
>  maven.jar.override=on
>  maven.jar.clover=1.3.2
>  maven.clover.license=clover.license

Yep. I think the 1.3.2 bit broke in the latest Maven, but maybe not.

>  Copy the clover.license file from the committers svn repository to the base
> directory.

Unsure if this is necessary.

>  Also copy the clover.license file from the commiters svn repository to
> .maven/repository/clover/licenses/clover-1.3.2.license
> (apparently the 1.3.2 comes from the maven.jar.clover setting)

Ah. I'd historically just put it in without the 1.3.2; maybe that's
the change that broke things for me. I put it in next to the jar file
in the repository.

>  I'm not sure I understand why I don't need to copy over clover.jar from
> committers svn, but I apparently don't need it.

It's the same as the clover-1.3.2.jar that is uploaded to
and being downloaded by the override.

Thanks for doing this,


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