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Subject svn commit: r164715 - /jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/developerguide.xml
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 02:03:11 GMT
Author: stevencaswell
Date: Mon Apr 25 19:03:10 2005
New Revision: 164715

added instructions for building a release


Modified: jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/developerguide.xml
--- jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/developerguide.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/commons/proper/lang/trunk/xdocs/developerguide.xml Mon Apr 25 19:03:10 2005
@@ -151,6 +151,20 @@
 name should be <b>clover-1.3.2.license</b>.</li>
+<h4>Building a Release</h4>
+Commons Lang is intented to interoperate with Java version 1.2 and higher. To
+achieve this, the distribution must be built with JDK 1.2. Why? Over time the 
+base JDK has changed. Building with JDK 1.4 would make some things in Commons
+Lang not run with prior libraries. For example, new StringBuffer(StringBuffer) 
+was added after JDK1.2, but compiling under 1.4 could link to it. Run the code 
+under 1.2 and you get a NoSuchMethodError.
+To build a release, the distribution should be build with Ant using JDK 1.2.
+The Ant target <b>dist-build</b> in build.xml can be used to do this. The
+site can be build with Maven.

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