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From "Daniel Florey" <>
Subject Re: [i18n] Status?
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 08:33:51 GMT
Hi Mattias,
I'm still taking care of this project. Any suggestions and proposals are appreciated!
The I18n-component should be pretty stable and I used in in several projects.
See comments inline...

"Jakarta Commons Developers List" <> schrieb am 18.04.05
> The i18n sandbox project seems to be quite similar to Commons Resources. 
> What is the relationship between the two? Will they continue to co-exist?

I realized this after developing the I18n component ;-) Still I think I18n is worth to be
kept as it is very simple and introduces the concept of bundles and localized exceptions (that
I required very often).

> i18n is appealing to me because it allows for multiple properties (such as 
> title and details) under a common key. We solve very similar problems in 
> our project, but I would like to use a generic API reusable among several 
> projects. Although I see some changes I would like to make ti i18n. For 
> example, I'd like the ability to qualify the entry with a source (i.e. base 
> name). This requires some other changes of the internal structure.

Do you want to introduce something like a namespace for message keys? I've been thinking of
something comparable in the past but dropped it as it would introduce addintional complexity.
You can add namespaces by prefixing the message-keys.
But I'm easy to convince if I'm wrong...

> Is somebody actively working on this project, or can I try some refactoring 
> and additions and contribute suggestions?

Please post your suggestions to the mailinglist so that they can be discussed in public.

> Thanks in advance,
>    Mattias Jiderhamn

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