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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: [i18n] Entry qualifier
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 19:49:26 GMT
>> Seems like i18n is reinventing the wheel over and over.  I see we are 
>> using
>> of Sax, when Digester is the most viable choice, given the typical 
>> clients
>> of this framework.  I see where ResourceBundle is used, yet a much more
>> robust solution is already provided through Commons Resources.  Any 
>> chance
>> we can change this to use the above frameworks?
> My primary goal was to keep this component simple. It has no dependencies 
> to other jars and that is a big plug for the daily use.
> Remember my thread about the missing ability in the java world to deal 
> with different versions of the same class. So using digester/resources 
> could cause a lot of trouble to bigger projects using a different version 
> of these components.
> I know that we have some overlapping with Commons Resources, but the I18n 
> is dealing with bundles of messages and introduces LocalizedExceptions 
> using these bundles. As I needed this already in different projects 
> seriously dealing with internationalization, personally I still think this 
> component is reasonable.
> Cheers,
> Daniel

I'm sorry that you feel that way.  I disagree, but not enough to discuss it 
any further.  I know this is your (your == "you guys") baby, and I'm not 
looking to rock the boat.  So, I'll put this effort on the back burner for 
now.  Not that I'm disinterested, I've just got tons of other items on my 
hot-list that are begging for me to work on.

Thanks again.

James Mitchell
Software Engineer / Open Source Evangelist
Consulting / Mentoring / Freelance
EdgeTech, Inc.
AIM:   jmitchtx
Yahoo: jmitchtx

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