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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Could jelly be used instead of jsp for JSF development? Would it perform well?
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 06:08:08 GMT
On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:12:20 -0600, Jeff Barczewski
<> wrote:

> Summary - Could jelly be used instead of jsp for JSF development
> (givent the proper jelly jsf tags were created)? Would it perform
> well?

I must confess that I've never thought deeply about this idea, so I'm
sure that I am missing something in what you have in mind.  But a key
issue would be whether you can represent components from arbitrary
third party JSF component libraries, without requiring the component
developer to create a Jelly tag for each of their components.  On the
other hand, if you're contemplating a generic "this is a JSF
component" Jelly tag, which takes arbitrary attributes to set the
underlying component properties, what would this buy you over a
straightforward implementation of JSF's ViewHandler API that can read
any arbitrary source format that you might like?


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