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From Matt Sgarlata <>
Subject [OT] Co-location of app and DB
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 18:54:33 GMT
For performance and other reasons, we collocate the presentation tier 
and business object tier on the same server.  Question: why not take 
this even further and put everything on the same server?  If the DB is 
on the same server as the rest of your application, then won't you get a 
performance boost since the DB and app servers don't have to communicate 
over a slow network, but rather can communicate through the server's 
main memory?

I understand that for performance tuning of the database and to ensure 
proper backups, etc. that the DB server often has different needs than 
the application server, so that is why they are kept separate.  However, 
I'm wondering if for small applications it wouldn't just be better to 
keep the DB server and the app server on the same box.  What do you guys 



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