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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: [net] FTPclient: keeping track of dates of files on the server
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:15:29 GMT

ok, clear enough.
I'll look into the source code of the ftp task and play around with it a 
Another suggestion for that task is to allow retry-in-case-of-failure, 
not just abort or ignore as in the current version. But I'll take those 
issues up on Ant list.

My use case is simple: I'm using ant ftp task to deploy Velocity scripts 
to several front-end machines (7 in total).
And it is really annoying to change one file and to discover that 
instead of just uploading one file, it will upload a whole bunch of them...
I actually need some more customized behaviour, so I will most probably 
write a separate task and see if there are any more interested parties 
in Ant community.


Steve Cohen wrote:

> Sorry I didn't read far enough.
> This is more properly a discussion for the Ant list.  All we handle 
> here is the raw FTP.  Ant's FTP task depends on commons-net, though, 
> and until we release the timezone-using version of commons-net, ant 
> will not have the tools to do what you need.
> I may be speaking out of turn here, but I doubt that that Ant 
> developers will be receptive to your suggestion.  The ant <ftp> task 
> has been designed as a fairly simple wrapper around raw <ftp>.  The 
> "newer" attribute of the <ftp> task offers just a simple date-time 
> comparison within the general dependency framework of ant.
> It sounds like what you are asking for is something much more, 
> basically a version-control system.  Ant supports several of these and 
> my guess is that they will tell you to use cvs or one of the 
> proprietary version control systems that ant supports in order to 
> accomplish this logic. Have you considered using the <cvs> task of 
> ant?  I programmed one of the version-control systems that ant 
> supports and your issues sound very familiar to me.
> But I could be wrong, also.  If you outline your use case on the ant 
> list, you may find more interest in supporting it than I expect.  If 
> you do, I suspect that would be implemented in a new task that perhaps 
> sits on top of <ftp>, because there are still many use cases for using 
> the <ftp> task as is.
> In any case, the timezone feature of commons-net-ftp will be part of 
> any possible solution.

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