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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] parsing uri
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:23:24 GMT
Rami Ojares wrote:
> webdav:/anydir/%74est%0d.txt
> This is canonicalized into
> webdav:/anydir/test%0D.txt
> So when someone points next time to uri
> webdav:/anydir/tes%74%0D.txt
> then he will get the cached file.
I still do not know how to canonicalize a file with umlauts.
e.g. VFS (running on a ISO-8859-1 filesystem) access a webdav filesysten 
running on an UTF-8 system

now the VFS url might be something like
which means webdav:/anydir/Rätsel.txt in ISO-8859-1, but notice, I cant 
canonicalize it as I do not know the encoding of the url.

And the encoded form reported by the webdav might be the UTF-8 encoded 
form: webdav:/anydir/R%C3%A4tsel.txt

Notice: If you use the plain form webdav:/anydir/Rätsel.txt it is always 
possible to resolve the file, regardless of the "destination charset". 
The library is able to convert as it knows the source charset and can 
send it to the server accordingly.

Currently I cant see any other option than NOT to use encoded URIs at all.
Now it is possible to encode using the "%", but it should not be the 
preferred way.
And the "canonicalized" form is the decoded form - except for "%" (and 
sometimes "!")


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