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From Wouter De Borger <>
Subject VFS: JDBC FileSystem: planning an implementation
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2005 15:30:48 GMT
I'm planning on building a JDBC FileSystem Provider, because I need one myself. 

So, I can as well build one that fits the needs of the Commons project.

If there are any sugestions about features, pitfalls, existing
implementations, back-end's (except for JDBC itself), should's and
should not's they are more than welkom.

The idea now is not only to provide acces to files stored in the
database, also to make regular tables accessable, perhaps as an
extended form of TableModels (or anything else)(sugestions welkom,

<personal experience>
tablemodels are too cumbersome, even if they are extended with
metamodels and masks and sorting and filters and joins and ...... I
tried, it works, but it's not verry nice and I would hate having to
clean up all that code and plant it in the commons framework)
</personal experience>



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Wouter De Borger
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