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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [logging] 1.0.5: WeakHashtable
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 06:41:02 GMT

Here are a few comments on logging-1.0.5-alpha1. More to come..


Should the WeakHashtable class be rolled into commons-logging.jar?
It seems easier for users than remembering to deploy the extra jar, and
should be feasable by having something like this in 
   Hashtable foo;
   String version = System.getProperty("java.vm.specification.version");
    if (versionLessThan(version, "1.3")) {
      foo = new Hashtable();
    } else {
      // use reflection to create instance
      foo = createWeakHashtable();
Or is the reason for having it separate because there is a performance
hit when using it? If that is so, then file guide.xml should document
that rather than saying "always deploy it when using java 1.3 or later".


The current javadoc for the WeakHashtable class doesn't include a
description of the general problem it's trying to solve (though this is
well described in the guide.xml).

I found it rather difficult to understand the description of the
remaining issue that this class still doesn't handle.

So attached is a proposed patch to the javadoc for the WeakHashtable

BTW, is there a maven command that will actually generate the javadoc
for the optional classes? 



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