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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [lang] 2.1 rc (practice)
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 00:57:10 GMT
From: "Henri Yandell" <>
>> For other projects I do, I build the jar file, source
>> and binary dists using ant. I do this using an old JDK
>> (1.3, although perhaps it should even be 1.2). I also
>> use this same jar file to upload to ibiblio. I do NOT
>> use maven - it uses the wrong JDK and I don't trust it
>> enough.
> How can it use the wrong JDK? Is Maven 1.4+ nowadays or something?

Last time I tried, it only worked on 1.4. For something as important as 
compiling code I want to be able to see and understand what it is doing, not 
cross my fingers and leave it up to a magic black box.

> I've always used Maven on Commons projects (when mavenized) because I
> don't have to worry about whether the custom Ant script is
> sufficiently customised (or evne up to date as most are generated from
> Maven). Afaik, only Collections still used a custom Ant file.

If true, then thats unfortunate.

> I'd prefer to separate this concept completely. Have a completely
> seperate way of storing and managing the javadoc, maybe even go as far
> as to check said javadoc into the repository (not necessarily inside
> Lang), or just copying the docs/apidocs over to an official place,
> rather than inside Lang.

Well, all I know is that for Joda-Time it works very neatly, and its just a 
variation on what we have for [collections].


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