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From "James Carman" <>
Subject RE: [beanutils] attention beanutils committers!
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2005 12:29:39 GMT
The only problem with the methods from MethodUtils moving to ClassUtils is
the statement in the JavaDoc for the ClassUtils class.  The ClassUtils class
"Operates on classes without using reflection."  I don't know why that
restriction was placed on the class in the first place, but JavaDocs are
easy to change. :-)

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From: James Carman [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 7:22 AM
To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List'; 'Dion Gillard'
Subject: RE: [beanutils] attention beanutils committers!

The only problem I would have with it (and this might be a stretch) is that
it sort of goes against the nature of beans, static methods.  The BeanUtils
package is for dealing with JavaBean-like objects.  The MethodUtils class
(or the methdods in it) really belongs in the Commons Lang project, as it
really doesn't pertain to JavaBeans per se.  It's a language-level utility
class for finding methods and stuff (that's the technical term, "stuff").  I
could actually see all of the methods in BeanUtils moving to the ClassUtils
class in Commons Lang.

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From: Dion Gillard [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2005 3:56 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List;
Subject: Re: [beanutils] attention beanutils committers!

The first one seems reasonable, and I agree with your comment on possible
issue with Object[] and Class[] clashing.

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 13:18:13 +1300, Simon Kitching <>
> Hi All,
> It would seem that the number of active beanutils committers has
> shrunk significantly.
> Firstly, is there anyone who can spare 10 minutes to review these two
> patches, and give a +1 (or not) to their inclusion in beanutils? I 
> think both are appropriate, but as I'm not a regular beanutils 
> committer I would like someone to second this.
> The submitter of the patches seems keen, and I think we should try to
> encourage that sort of thing! If no-one steps up to offer an opinion I 
> will assume *I'm* the new beanutils maintainer team and commit the 
> patch (well, once a few minor issues have been addressed).
> Sorry I can't provide a mail-archive link to the email threads on
> commons-dev in which these patches were discussed; MARC does not 
> appear to be working at the moment.
> I have also noticed that the number of outstanding bugzilla entries
> for beanutils is growing; the poor library is looking a little 
> neglected. I think it would be nice if people could spare a little 
> time to address these. I'm happy to be one of them, but would feel 
> lonely doing it all on my own.
> Note that I'm going to be away for three weeks very shortly, and don't
> know if I'll have internet access. I wanted to draw some attention to 
> these items before I left..
> Cheers,
> Simon
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